AGS Roofing Stoke, Box Profile Roof & Wall Cladding
Box Profile Roof & Wall Cladding

A strong 7 rib box sheet providing a cost effective solution in a wide range of building projects including garages.

Roofing Products

We supply a wide range of roofing solutions to suit every project.

Profiled  Sheets available with anti-condensation backing, Insulated Composite Panelling and Tile Effect Roof Cladding. Providing a perfect, cost effective solutions for the roofing and cladding of Domestic and Commercial buildings.

Roofing Products provided by AGS Stoke
AGS Roofing Stoke Swaged Box profile roof & Wall Cladding
Swaged - Box Profile Roof & Wall Cladding

A single skin box profile sheet popular for cladding due to optimum water drainage, strength and walkability along the wider profile pans. A particularly attractive option for Domestic and Wall and Cladding projects.

Available Colours
Dripstop Anti-Condensation

We can supply single skin roof sheets with Dripstop Anti-Condensation felt applied to the underside of the roof sheets. This is an economical way of dealing with condensation and is a tried and tested product popular across all uses.

Un-insulated roofs with single skin metal sheeting are likely to suffer from condensation when the metal sheeting is cooled during the winter, or on cold clear nights. When warm air within the building cools on contact with the metal sheeting it cannot support the same quantity of water vapour and may become saturated, with any excess water condensing on the underside of the sheeting.

The Dripstop Solution

Roof panels with Dripstop anti-condensation felt provide a medium for trapping moisture in the specially designed pockets formed in the membrane. Dripstop holds the moisture until the conditions go back below the dew point and is released back into the air in the form of normal humidity.

Dripstop anti-condensation membrane is self adhesive, and is applied to the metal panel during the forming process. As a result the sheets can be installed immediately.

AGS lightweight, hasslefree alternative to traditional roof tiles.
AGS Insulated Composite Panel: efficient & enviromental thermal panel.
Insulated Composite Panel

An efficient and environmentally friendly system ensuring thermal performance.

Available in various insulation thicknesses, our Composite Panels have a one fix construction providing fast and efficient installation.

Tile Effect Roof Cladding

A lightweight, hassle free alternative to traditional roof tiles. A classic sheeting that has an elegant appearance and is almost maintenance free an ideal option for garage roofs. Also available in Anti-condensation.